I offer solution-oriented support for executives and executive teams, with regard to inner or outer conflicts in your professional or personal environment.


  • Systemic gestalt oriented sessions
  • Working out the following aspects:
    • Issue and conflict
    • History of issue or conflict
    • Reaching out to everyone involved
    • Structure mediation plan
  • All sessions will take place in a personal setting
  • Everything we discuss is completely confidential
  • Individual sessions or group sessions
  • SOW: Assessing issue and situation
  • Optionally including
    • External factors
    • Organizational elements / leadership aspects
    • Private or personal matters

Structure, time & effort

  • Meetings depending on assignment and situation
  • SOW: issue and situation

Target groups

  • Executive teams
  • Organizational units
  • Corporate spokespersons
  • Individuals
  • Project teams