Gender Management

Gender Management

Gender Management

Modern organizations welcome mixed-gender and inter-cultural teams. The number of female executives and leaders of teams is growing by the day. Mixed-gender teams and inter-cultural teams may experience difficulties caused by different communication codes, gestures, facial expressions and the individual perception of atmosphere.


  • Aspects of differences with regard to
    • Perception
    • Behavior
    • Expressing respect
    • Evaluation / emphasis
    • Communications
    • Gestures, facial expression
  • Methods of mindfulness
  • Conducting meetings and agreements
  • Cooperation with Claudia Lehmann, psychologist and trainer, for these trainings

We have found that mixed-gender consultants respond very well to the demands of gender management.

Structure, time & effort

  • In cooperation with Ms. Lehmann
  • Role-play training and feedback
  • Group training

Target groups

  • Medium-sized, international businesses
  • Civil service
  • Associations / societies
  • Institutions with global relations